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Delivery policy

Xinh Tuoi Online will deliver the goods according to the information you have provided. In case of delivery to the address according to the order but the recipient is not at the receiving location or cannot contact the recipient via the phone number according to the order, the shipper will call the order number to resolve. In case the recipient and the giver cannot be contacted, the delivery person will return the flowers to the store, please receive the goods at the shop where the flower was ordered.

1) Delivery time

- Delivery time will depend on the opening time of the shops, usually from 8:00 to 18:00 daily.

- Normally, flower delivery time will be prioritized according to the time specified by the customer when ordering. However, https://xinhtuoi.online has the right to adjust the appropriate flower delivery time (earlier or later) without prior notice in the following cases:

* The recipient requests the delivery time or is agreed with the recipient

* Bad weather, traffic conditions, can't contact the recipient at the time of flower delivery

- In case the delivery address is incorrect (written by the sender - wrong description - or the recipient changes the delivery address): [Flower Shop] staff will contact the sender to make an agreement to change the address. new delivery according to the process of changing order information (*).

- In case there is no recipient: In case there is no recipient at the delivery address, the order is considered complete (in this case there is no signed receipt - no refund). The flower shop brings flowers back to the flower shop.

- In case the recipient is away: In case the recipient is away during the delivery time, https://xinhtuoi.online will:

* Handing over to relatives, friends in the house/room/company for transfer (in this case, the person signing the receipt will be the recipient instead).

* Place a safe place where the recipient can receive it when he/she returns home/room/work (in this case, no signature is required).

- In case the recipient refuses to receive: In case the recipient refuses to receive, https://xinhtuoi.online while waiting for a response from the sender. After 24 hours from the scheduled delivery time without a specific response from the sender, the order is considered completed.

- Note: All flower delivery will be directly contacted by the sender with the flower orderer / flower recipient to agree on the best way to solve it.

- When delivering the goods, the recipient will sign the receipt.

2) Mode of transportation

Includes support floor methods and seller self-delivery.

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